Networking and Security Masterclass

To kick off the New Year, Canterbury Christ Church University invited Jonathan Haddock, a Network and Security engineer in local government, to join our third-year Networking class. He showed us a glimpse of his world by demonstrating ARP poisoning which is, for those of us not in the know, intercepting and modifying traffic between two hosts.

Networking in IT

Jonathan HaddockJonathan spoke about his extensive knowledge of the industry, and the ‘everyday’ tasks he manages. He took everyone through his experiences in responding to threats, design and system management, and auditing devices. Additionally, we were taken through a Nessus Report, a document created when using Nessus (software designed to scan devices and servers to determine vulnerabilities). The students were also introduced to the industry standard CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System), used when assessing security weaknesses. Both being useful tools in helping pinpoint exploitable flaws in networks.

Students were shown the use of Ettercap, a software tool designed for man-in-the-middle attacks, which scans for host computers and sets-up target devices for potential attackers. Our third-years then learned from real life scenarios; realising the importance of penetration testing and creating a final report detailing the findings of each investigative audit. The professional element was given due consideration, with Jonathan highlighting the influence of tone and language adopted in reports.

Furthermore, discussions involved “hacking with a license”, information gathering, social engineering, active testing using Wireshark, and port scanning. To end the session, Jonathan kindly provided career advice to our students, helping them with the crucial ‘dos and don’ts’ during interviews.

CCCU’s Department of Computing, Digital Forensics, and Cybersecurity would like to thank Jonathan Haddock for sharing his time and expertise with us. It would be a pleasure to have Jonathan back soon.

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