Black Holes Research at Planck 2015, by Mike Hewitt


Delegates at Planck 2015.

The department recently supported me to give a paper on my work on black holes and quantum information theory at the Planck 2015 conference in Ioannina, Greece. This is an annual, high level meeting of particle physicists and it was exciting to be able to present my work at such a prestigious event, at the invitation of the organisers.  Black holes are thought to be the ultimate information storage system, with an incredibly high capacity which is proportional to their surface area. Recent work in quantum information theory indicates that they should be surrounded by a ‘firewall’ of radiation but it is not clear where this would come from.  My work suggests that such a hot object could form during gravitational collapse due to an effect from string theory, which would be a dramatic vindication of the ideas used in the development of quantum computers.

About the author:

Mike Hewitt is a lecturer in Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity at Canterbury Christ Church University.

The programme from the event can be downloaded here.
(Mike’s lecture is listed on page 4).


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