Attending and Presenting at the 2017 National Conference for Learning and Teaching in Cyber Security

In April 2017 a number of Canterbury Christ Church University final year students and staff members attended, and presented, at the National Conference for Learning and Teaching in Cyber Security at Liverpool John Moores University. The two day Conference had a positive edge starting with the first day having been centric toward student presentations and competitions. It was great to see that a number of final year students from Universities in the United Kingdom working on some fantastic projects in a vast range of areas, such as web applications, malware, mobile phone apps and cybercrime. Many conferences lack this element to provide students the opportunity to step into the limelight, so it was fantastic to see feedback and questions posed for the students. Encouraging work and a fantastic experience for the final year students, as I am sure they would agree. It was also positive to see the vibe the student competitions provided at the event. 

The second day welcomed academics from a variety of UK based universities delivering presentations on some key aspects within teaching and delivering a technical subject. Key speakers were also seen from the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Again, it was great to see a number of presentations on the challenges within the discipline and education, providing a number of presentations on ways in which lecturers are working on developing such a fast paced and moving curriculum.
The conference was a joy to attend, along with Liverpool itself. The city is wonderful. A number of us took advantage of our time there listening to artists at the Cavern Club (where the Beatles first played) and the iconic Philharmonic Pub. 
What an enjoyable visit, for which I think we would all return again. Thank you to all those who partook in the conference and all those behind organising such as successful event.

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