How to Stay Safe and Legal On-line

During his recent visit to Saegis Campus, Sri Lanka to deliver staff training and induction programmes Dr Abhaya Induruwa, Director of Cyber Innovation Hub, gave a talk to their staff and students on “How to stay safe and legal on the Internet”.  In his presentation Dr Induruwa spoke about how criminals carefully and patiently select their prey before launching attacks, and gave examples of recent spam, phishing and spear phishing attack attempts.  He then went onto discuss the emerging threats, especially due to the large scale proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT), now running into tens of billions of ‘things’.  Using recent hacks on Internet connected devices such as baby monitors, CCTV cameras, personal fitness monitors, heating and cooling systems as case studies, he explained how hackers can affect normal life and harm people.   In particular he warned about the dangers brought about by lack of security in Internet connected soft cuddly toys and how unsuspecting parents and their children can be brought to harm.


As part of the University’s commitment to internationalisation the University recently entered into a collaborative partnership with Saegis Campus to offer Canterbury Christ Church University degrees in Sri Lanka.  This partnership agreement supports the development, delivery and quality assurance of a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.  Initially BSc (Hons) Computing (Top-up), BSc (Hons) Business Management (Top-up), and MBA degrees will be offered.  Further development of the portfolio is planned for the future.

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