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My Journey: From an Interest in Computers to a University Summer Internship in Computing

For most university students the summer means a relaxation from studying, exams and assessments. Many students spend their time on holidays, while others spend their summers in employment. For me it was slightly different.

I was on a trip away at the time when I was told of an internship within Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). I was instantly intrigued. Having read the job description, I soon realised it would be a programming role. I knew I wanted to apply … so, that very afternoon I completed a job application for an internship in the development of an application to help first responders when carrying out first aid. The design of the app itself was to be based around if the Primary and Secondary surveys in first aid had already been accomplished by responders.

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What are apps for?

health-app-2A few years ago there was a joke along the lines that whenever someone stated they were about to do something, someone would say that ‘there’s an app for that.’ And to some extent that is true. There are a very large number of apps out there. It can be very easy to create an app to do something, and some are incredibly useful. On my phone I have apps for tide tables, checking pollution at my local beach, setting up intervals for sports training, measuring and mapping my sporting training sessions as well as all the others you’d expect to see. Tools like MIT App Inventor allow children and even Computing Lecturers to create apps for the Android platform fairly easily with a few simple constructs and a programming language familiar to a large number of school children in the UK. Continue reading