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Security in light of Drone Delivery

In recent news Amazon’s Prime Air has successfully completed its first drone delivery, and we get to see the actual flight footage … no simulation!

For a number of years we have known of the intentions for companies to experiment with the use of drones for the delivery of parcels. Back in 2015 we saw a video released by Amazon which explained how the process would work, for Amazon Prime Air, noting we could eventual see the delivery of individual packages within 30 minutes of ordering. Since, Amazon has begun its trials for Prime Air’s drone delivery service. Currently trials are being run nearby to Amazon’s drone testing facility near Cambridge.

Amazon released official footage of the first ever successful drone delivery in the middle of December 2016. The video (below) demonstrates a customer who ordered an Amazon TV streaming stick and a bag of popcorn to their own garden. It is reported that the delivery, with no human pilot involved, delivered the package to the customer in 13 minutes from the click for delivery (Bezos, 2016).

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Open Source: just a development tool, or something more?

What is open-source? You may, or may not have heard of it. If you work in IT chances are that you have definitely heard of it. Most people would probably associate the term with software and software development. Going a bit further, some might associate it with certain software projects, such as the Linux[1] kernel[2] [3], the Apache Webserver[4] [5], or web browsers such as Firefox[6] [7] and Chromium[8] [9] (the open-source version of Google’s Chrome browser)[10]. These projects are all considered open-source licensed. Continue reading